Exploring Home Security Systems

5 Classic Security Services That Are Still Worth Getting

Protecting your home is nothing new, but all of the advanced technology and features can easily be overwhelming for consumers. While new technology is great, there are some parts of the security industry that have not changed. Instead of focusing on just the newest features, there are five classic services that can give your home the protection it needs. Inquire about these features as you plan out the ideal security package for your home.

Audible Alarms

No need to get fancy when trying to alert house members or deter criminals. A loud alarm is all you need to scare off potential intruders and create an impact on your security system.

When audible alarms are installed, the speakers can be placed at access points around the house. This includes doors and windows. The alarms can all go off at once or be isolated to the single location. A loud house alarm is also a good indicator to close neighbors that something has gone wrong.

Smash-Proof Protection

Security cameras and panels are essential for setting alarms, monitoring your home, contacting professional help, or using emergency services like a 9-1-1 contact. One of the easiest ways for a potential criminal to break into the home is by smashing the panel to try and deactivate it. Smashing security cameras can also lead to obstructed views and less evidence to use later. Cameras with extra casing and protection can continue to record, even if someone has tried to tamper with it.

A smash-proof control panel box prevents damage to your security system and will ensure that it continues to operate under all types of circumstances. Some boxes even have features that can detect if someone has tried to smash or tamper with it. When this occurs, the security company is contacted and will reach out to you to see if they are any problems or if the authorities should be called.

Power Outage Protection

A security system is no good if there is no power to operate it. This is why many classic systems come with power outage protection. This is a simple back-up battery power that can power the system whenever a power outage occurs. Instead of leaving your home vulnerable, the security protection will last for hours when there is no power. This includes powering the control panel, along with other features like your live security monitoring and capturing.

This can also give you direct contact to the security company through the panel on your home. A battery monitor will indicate how much back-up power is left. Once the power is restored, the system batteries will automatically recharge to give you additional protection for the next power outage.

Telephone Confirmation

Talking to a home security employee can often be more reassuring than interacting with a text message conversation. By using direct contact services, you can confirm when an alarm has gone off, set verbal codes, and add an extra layer of security to your home.

Many security companies offer 24/7 direct contact, allowing you to easily call or receive security updates if a problem arises. This can also help in emergency situations as the person updates you on the arrival of police or emergency personnel.

Automated Home Timers

One of the more classic security features for a home is automated home timers. Light timers can help deter criminals through automated lights on both the exterior and interior of the home. This is ideal if you're not home at night or if you're going on a vacation. Automatic exterior lights can also provide exterior cameras with better views of any suspicious activity or intruders on your property.

A lot of law enforcement districts recommend the use of light timers, and you can work with a security company to ensure that they are working properly. The custom ability to set the timers allows you to vary the times or the lights that turn on in your home. For example, you can set the lights to turn on in your living room for an hour, your kitchen for an hour, and then the bedroom for an hour.

Work with a security company to get one or all of these features built into your home. The features can be combined as a package deal or through individual plans.