5 Classic Security Services That Are Still Worth Getting

Protecting your home is nothing new, but all of the advanced technology and features can easily be overwhelming for consumers. While new technology is great, there are some parts of the security industry that have not changed. Instead of focusing on just the newest features, there are five classic services that can give your home the protection it needs. Inquire about these features as you plan out the ideal security package for your home.

How Biometric Access Control Systems Can Enhance Your Employee Security Profile

The loss of productivity due to employee misconduct, theft and other problems associated with a failure in controlling access at the workplace has a negative impact upon your bottom line. All of these problems are money and time resource wasters, and that's why companies seek to eliminate or minimize their occurrence. Traditional access control systems are better than no system at all, but biometric access control systems are demonstrably superior. Below is why your organization should strongly consider implementing biometric controls to enhance employee and company security: